I Want to Be an Editor. Where Do I Start?

At the past two writers conferences I’ve attended, I’ve been asked a different kind of question. Not, “Will you publish my book?” but “How do I become an editor?” Well, here’s my answer, as told in someecards memes. Because what better way is there to do so?

(P.S. You can also check out these articles about working as an editor: What Do You Do All Day? A Look at the Life of an Editor / The Freelancer Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writers and Editors)

Complete a degree in a field like English or Creative Writing.


Get some hands-on experience with internships or jobs at publishing houses, literary agencies, newspapers/magazines, or libraries.


Read literally all the time. Read while you eat. Read while you walk. Read while you sleep.


Read books about editing and writing.


Take courses in editing from places like Mediabistro.


Consider attending a publishing summer course like the Denver Publishing Institute.


Apply for assistant or associate jobs to learn the ropes and get mentored by the pros.


And of course, watch Younger.


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