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If you’re a reader, you probably want to support your favorite authors, but you may not know how. Good news—there’s a blog for that! Eight Ways YOU Can Support Authors. And guess what? Of those eight tips, four of them involve buying the book.

In 2016, I decided to put my money where my mouth was, and I made a goal to buy more books. One of the major perks of working in the publishing industry is that we get a ton of free reading material, which means I’m never short on stories. But I wanted to support authors, publishers, and booksellers instead of just stocking up on swag. So I squirreled away a little book allowance and proceeded to use it each month.

A rough tally puts me at 75 books this year. Many of these were purchased at B&N (yay, membership!), though a fair number were purchased through indie stores or direct from publishers. I’ll admit that I did add books to my Kindle as well…editors certainly don’t make enough money to turn up our noses at a $1.99 ebook.

Now, of course I’ve purchased more books than I’ve read (yet!) and my Christmas wish list includes a new bookshelf. But even though my husband is beginning to worry about my book-buying habits, I’m okay with watching my TBR pile grow. Not only does my Instagram feed look prettier, but I’m actually reading more than I was when I just snagged advance copies at conferences. My books are now an investment, both financially and for the publishing business I love so much.

So I challenge you to make the same goal I did this coming year. Buy more books. I know, I know, it’s hard to think about using your expendable income on paper and ink rather than on trivial stuff like dinner. But there are tons of ways to snag awesome deals and still support your favorite authors, both for print books and ebooks. Check out some of my favorite shopping spots and tricks below:

  • Indies: always shop local when you can, but here are some great home-away-from-home independent bookstores:
  • Barnes & Noble: with a $25/year membership, you get free shipping, awesome discounts, and access to a huge online and in-store collection of books!
  • Goodreads Deals: since Amazon already knows everything about you, now they can use the books you’ve read and reviewed on Goodreads to offer recommendations for super-low-priced ebooks.
  • Bookperk: speaking of ebook deals, Bookperk is another of my favorites. Tons of daily deals and a crazy amount of content to explore.
  • And if you’re ever in need of recommendations, check out some of the best bookish people, sites, and social media accounts to follow here: Industry News: Key Sites and Newsletters to Follow.

For a full rundown of the best ways to shop (both for your wallet and for authors), check out this article from Independent Publisher Magazine: “How to Shop for Books This Holiday Season.”

And remember, authors and publishers are nothing without readers, so in the words of the Toy Story aliens, we are eternally grateful.

Happy reading, everyone!

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