You Know You’re an Editor When…

You know you’re an editor when…

1. You have at least five book-related coffee mugs.

2. You keep a red pen handy to fix errors on public signs. (Or at least to make them hilarious.)

3. A bookshelf is on your birthday wish list every year. 

4. You’re surprised when you walk into a bookstore and don’t recognize every cover.

5. You know the difference between a straight quote and a smart quote. And you hate straight quotes.

6. You frequently use your copy of the Chicago Manual of Style and know that it has little do with Chicago or fashion.

7. You feel vindicated when people discover the importance of the Oxford comma.

8. You are polite enough that you don’t correct a friend’s grammar out loud, but you definitely correct it in your head.

9. You are mortally offended when people don’t know how to use Track Changes. And you’re even more offended when people don’t use Microsoft Word. Google docs? Are you serious?

10. You love books so much that you would simply die without them.

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