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Want to know what life looks like from inside a publishing house? Look no further. These posts will give insight into what goes on behind the doors of a publishing house, from how we decide which books to acquire, to word counts and page counts, to formats across genres, and more.

Publishing Processes

Publishing Terms A – Z

What Makes for a Good Publishing House?

Behind the Scenes at a Publishing House: What Really Happens to Your Book?

A Brief History of Publishing Timelines

FAQ: The Editing Process

How a Book Cover Is Made


First Impressions: What Makes or Breaks a Query

Beyond the Manuscript: What ELSE an Editor Looks for in a Submission

The Acquisition Decision: How I Pick a Manuscript

The Subjective Editor: Why Taste Matters (and Why That’s Okay)

Life in the Slush Pile: Surely Make You Lose Your Mind

Book Specs

Manuscript Dos and Don’ts: Lightning Round

How To: Set Up a Picture Book

The Picture Book: Why they’re so hard to write, and steps to your best book

Misc. Resources

Industry News: Key Sites and Newsletters to Follow

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