Not Your Average Jane: 7 Ways “Jane the Virgin” Nails Storytelling

*Includes some spoilers*

I spend most of my day evaluating the merits of a story. Are the characters experiencing enough change, does the plot move at the right pace, does the key conflict cause too little tension…that kind of thing. This means that sometimes, when I’m relaxing with a TV show, I find myself looking for those elements running through each episode. And when I found Jane the Virgin, I found the show my storytelling heart had been looking for.

I am late to the Jane the Virgin party, but I have now joined in and cannot rave enough about it. Why, you ask? If the idea of a humorous, poignant, and totally self-aware spin on a telenovela doesn’t appeal to you, well, you should reevaluate your outlook on life. Rarely do I fall in love with a show so quickly or deeply as I have with Jane the Virgin, which has made me laugh and cry and scream…sometimes all in one episode. And, while there are so many things this show does well, I chose the seven things I love best about its storytelling. Because what the writers and cast of Jane the Virgin have done best is tell a remarkable story. Continue reading

Writers Associations: The top groups and how to join

There are dozens of writers groups and associations in genres ranging from children’s books to science fiction. For active members, these organizations can be great ways to connect with writers and industry professionals, enter contests, attend conferences, and more. But how do you know which one is right for you?

I’ve outlined several of the top groups below in the general categories of nonfiction and fiction, as well as genres of children’s books, mystery, romance, and science fiction. You’ll get all the key facts and costs as well as links to membership pages and other pertinent information. And if none of these catch your eye, peruse even more options at the end of the post!

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