Tips for Writers

These posts will give writers and authors tips on what editors in the publishing sphere are looking for. We’ll talk about dos and don’ts of style, voice, and genre, as well as big-picture questions regarding manuscripts and agents.


Manuscript Dos and Don’ts: Lightning Round

Chapter 1: How to Write the Most Important Chapter of Your Book

Revise Right: Five Steps to Revising Your Novel

Hook, Line, and Sinker: 5 Ways to Create Your Novel Hook

The Picture Book: Why they’re so hard to write, and steps to your best book

What’s In a Name? How to Craft a Great Book Title


The Freelancer Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writers and Editors

Agents & Publishers

A Match Made in Literary Heaven: What to Look for in an Editor or Agent

How to Find a Literary Agent: The Manuscript, the Query, and More

To Query or Not to Query: Your top six querying questions answered

How to Write a Fiction Book Proposal


Author Platform Cheat Sheet

Platform for Fiction Writers

The New Year, Old Year, All Year Resolutions Every Writer Should Have

The Almighty Book Review: How to Get Reviews and Where to Get Them

Your Website 101: How to Create a Strong Online Presence

Writers Associations: The Top Groups and How to Join

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